Behringer DDM4000

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DJ mixer 4 καναλιών της Behringer. EQ 3 περιοχών σε κάθε κανάλι  και πληθώρα επιλογών σε Effects από 2 ξεχωριστούς ψηφιακούς επεξεργαστές.  Έξοδοι 1xMaster (XLR), Sub (XRL), 2 RCA, 1 Tape, 1 S/PDIF,  1MIDI και ακουστικών. Είσοδος 2 μικροφώνων με ξεχωριστό EQ 2 περιοχών.

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  • Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά :
    With beat-synchronized sampler
    4 Multi-effect sections
    2 Patented BPM counter
    Digital crossfader
    MIDI compatible
    4 Phono/ line stereo channels allow the simultaneous connection of up to 8 signal sources
    2 Microphone inputs with gain, EQ, talk function and FX
    4 Stereo channels with gain
    Programmable, parametric 3-band EQ with kill function
    Adjustable fader curves and flexible crossfader assignment
    Intelligent sampler with beat-controlled loop function
    Real-time pitch control
    Sampler FX and crossfader start option
    2 Freely assignable and BPM-synchronized effect processors (bitcrusher, resonator, reverb, flanger, etc.)
    Patented BPM counters for automatic BPM synchronization of sampler, FX, crossfader and external drum machines, etc.
    Digital crossfader with flexible curve adjustment
    Reverse button and automatic, BPM-synchronized crossfading
    Dual-mode crossfader with frequency-dependent crossfading
    Separate headphone section with PFL mix/ split and bass/ snare boost functions
    Memory button for last used mixer settings